A True Hero of Science: the Sprout Laser




Sprout is a compact, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser providing high continuous-wave (CW) power at 532 nm in a near-perfect TEMoo mode with extremely low optical noise and excellent long-term stability. Sprout is truly a next-generation laser designed and manufactured using many years of experience to provide a sealed, turn-key source of collimated green light with high spectral purity.

Excellent Beam Quality: Near-Perfect TEMoo Mode

Designed for pumping Ti:sapphire and dye lasers with the highest efficiency, the Sprout output beam has M2 of less than 1.1 and ellipticity of less than 10%.

Ultra Low Noise: With Noise Elimination Technology

Many applications call for ultra low noise performance from the pump laser. All power versions of the Sprout are available with the Noise Elimination Technology (NET) option. Examples of applications that benefit from the NET option include Carrier-Envelope-Phase stabilization, frequency combs and narrow-linewidth CW Ti:sapphire oscillators.


  • Seal enclosure keeps all dirt, dust and moisture out of the laser head to provide years of usage without any cleaning or maintenance
  • LockT optics mounting locks all laser head optics permanently in perfect alignment
  • Noise Elimination Technology (NET) provides virtually noise-free performance
  • Compact laser heads and power supplies minimize the space consumed in your lab or instrument

Sprout-G CW Green Pump Laser

  • Long lifetime pump diode pack located in power supply and fiber-coupled to laser head
  • Closed-loop, purpose-built TEC chiller integrated in power supply
  • 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 W versions

Sprout-D CW Green Pump Laser

  • Long lifetime pump diode pack integrated inside laser head
  • Rack-mountable or shelf-mountable power supply
  • 5, 6, 7 and 8 W versions

Scientifically applied Sprout installations

Sprout has already proven itself to be the perfect pump laser for all types of Ti:sapphire and dye laser. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for Coherent Verdi and Spectra-Physics Millennia lasers and has identical beam diameter, beam divergence, M2, polarization and pointing specifications. Here are some examples of many Sprout installations.


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Proven for CEP

One of the most important applications for high power, low-noise, TEMoo CW green lasers is pumping Carrier-Envelope-Phase (CEP) stabilized Ti:sapphire oscillators for attosecond experiments and frequency combs. The following publication by the research group of Professor Ted Hänsch at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and Menlosystems GmbH presents the results of detailed testing of various pump lasers. One of the conclusions of this testing is that “The Sprout exhibits the lowest RIN of all tested pump lasers.”