Show what is there. Recognize what is missing.

NETGATE Metric Solutions systematically examines each step of the process while continuously analyze and define the individual risks. Innovative and effective, we make complex issues understandable. Our core competence lies in the simulation of complex cross-industry processes, identify fundamental issues in and around your organization.


Experiments, tests and comparisons of different scenarios indeed help to analyze the behavior of systems and to uncover and to find optimal solutions of a system configuration. However, for many real systems it is too costly or even impossible to perform the necessary tests. In this case, we move from the real world to a virtual world model. There we visualize processes and projects by modeling and simulating the reality. With the system model, we can experiment without risk and illustrate both systems and organizational risks. The thus obtained solutions are then transferred to the real world.

Methods are paths to the goal

Method stems from ancient Greek μέθοδος (methodos) and in literal sense means what is behind a path: through the choice of a method, a path is search for in order to achieve a predetermined goal. This implies that an objective has to be determined first, so that the way to get there (the method) can be chosen. With our Metric approach and the internationally accepted best practices, we help our customers reach their destination. NETGATE Metric Solutions supports you effectively in the consistent optimization of your core processes and the entire process chain.