Setting new standards in the industry together



NETGATE Metric Solutions combines many impressive personalities under one roof. Our people show exceptional commitment and genuine enthusiasm for the work. Each project is individually revised, pragmatically and competently designed and professionally implemented. We place great value on the development of individual talents and creative ideas – but also the enjoyment of the job. Only then can truly brilliant solutions emerge. At NETGATE Metric Solutions new standards are set in a team of unique individuals.

Values ​​as the basis of a fruitful collaboration

Clear values ​​are the priority at NETGATE Metric Solutions GmbH. For us, honesty, courage, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and a good dose of fun are not just words, but they form the foundation of our work.

Our distinctive ethos is the foundation for all business practices. Everyone at NETGATE Metric Solutions maintains these common values and thereby our common culture. We live an intense and unconventional working environment, promote the open exchange and authentic interaction with one another.