Lasers have numerous advantages, starting with accuracy, flexibility and strength

The production requirements in medical technology and polytronics are getting more and more complex. Many solutions have only become possible thanks to the application of lasers, such as the serial production of micro particle at low costs. These industries have also therefore experienced the highest growth rates in the field of lasers and especially in laser micromachining.

Accurate and indispensable: lasers in medical technology

Nothing is capable of the precision in micro processing as lasers do. That is why the medical technology industry is especially dependent on the use of lasers and systems engineering for the production of various products today.


Our lasers are utilized for implants, consumables and drug delivery components, such as catheters, filters, hypodermic needles, etc. Furthermore they are used for processing and scribing glass substrates, glass ampoules, etc. Laser systems are used in manufacturing processes, such as in the production of diagnostic biochips as well as in the lab-on-a-chip technology and in micro-endoscopy. Lasers have also become indispensable in the field of tissue engineering.

Being ahead of time using ultra-short pulses: lasers in pharmaceutical industry

There is a strong need today for the traceability of drugs with the help of primary packaging. The requirements are complex: non-removable, acid-resistant, readability using imaging systems and without any thermal effects on the filling substance.


We offer laser systems for secure glass interior marking of primary packaging, such as filled bottles of clear or colored glass or polymer packaging with data matrix or bar codes, glass markings of syringes, glass substrates, etc., electronically readable and usually invisible to the human eye. This form of marking will, in the near future, be replacing the existing method of “labeling”.